08 February 2009

Much to do on a Sunday ...

I would very much prefer to spend the entirety of every Sunday hanging out with my family, being crafty or playing a mean game of euchre. The reality of my work/school schedule, however, means that most Sundays are spent toiling away at homework and to do lists of things I didn't feel like doing earlier in the week. There is probably a better way to organize and routine-ize these things, but I digress.

In the interest of both reminding me and holding me accountable, my Sunday 2/8 to do list is below.

[] Menu for Monday
[] MM blog post
[] Checkbook balanced
[] Finish clearing off desk
[] Package up rebates for mailbox on Monday
[] Make phone calls to finish up pending order
[] Cafe Press order
[] Bribe someone into emptying the compost transfer bin
[] Tidy bedroom and night stand
[] Read Tuesday Anthro assignment
[] Write Tuesday/Thursday Anthro reactions
[] Listen to Soc assignment
[] Write Soc paper
[] Sort out coupons/ads from paper
[] Clip and file coupons
[] Read Thursday WGS assignment
[] Check master to do list for additional tasks
[] Consider nap, since I'm still up posting to do lists at 430am.

Are you a to do list maker? Feel free to post a link to yours, and we can be accountable together!


  1. SHUT UP!!!! You play Euchre!???? We do too, in my family - it's SO rare! to find others that play!

  2. I went to college in Michigan. It's some kind of requirement, I think, that you be able to play euchre when you leave ... and then try to convince everyone who doesn't know that they should learn. It's like spreading the gospel of euchre. :) We love euchre ... like could play it every day love it.