01 February 2009

Links All Around!

I could tell you that I'm posting links despite my impossible Sunday schedule, but really I simply have a giant list of great reads from an evening of sitting on my couch, feet up, trying to recover from the whirlwind sleepless reality of coaching my kids through a high school level state debate tournament. Yes, it's 7pm and I am still in my pajamas. Slacker, am I (and loving it).

Angela at Random Musings wrote what may (hopefully) become a new regular feature highlighting sweet local Michigan products. I love buying local, and feel very strongly about supporting the (absolutely horrendous) Michigan economy any way I can. I encourage you to buy local as well. Or if nothing local meets your fancy, buy Michigan instead. We could use the help.

The Happy Housewife had a paper control problem, and posts about remedying it with a binder system. I think everyone on the planet may have a paper control problem, and this post may actually be the solution. We had a near meltdown over not being able to find a certain stack of paper at this very house earlier today, and I may have to consider switching my 2 file crates smashed full of too many folders hidden under a table system over to something else. Binders ... now that would prevent me from having to buy an evil (and super ugly) filing cabinet.

There is also a Hot Breakfast Challenge going on at the HH. We are those people with a ton of basically free cereal on our shelves, and since I'm not the throwing things away for no reason kind, it would be difficult for us to abandon our mass storage of fiber-laden goodness in favor of buying other (new) things. In the future, I absolutely agree with the merits of eating a hot and healthy breakfast. In the present, we need to get through the rows of cold cereal first. So, in the name of at least being healthy by eating breakfast in the first place (something we often skip around here), we will be doing a Not Hot Breakfast Challenge of our own this month. Join in! Breakfast all around, hot or cold, in February.

You know those commercials on TV about how 'cool' HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is? Yea, the ones put on and paid for by the 'Corn Council' or some equally entertaining and alliterative lobby group paid to find research to meet ideals rather than changing ideals based on research. Well, if you were at all compelled by them (the commercials), check out the recent article at The Good Human about mercury in HFCS. Eeeeeew, gross.

I love Sara and her fabulous blogging. I also love this snappy little number that she was doing a giveaway for last week. She is one snappy mama with wonderful taste in art and absolutely divine ideals. I *heart* her blog. You should too.

Sooooo, that's just the highlight of the sweet things I read this afternoon. There are tons more great posts in my reader I have yet to get through. Oh how I love having a blog reader so I don't miss all the great stuff when I'm not online. I hope you had a fab weekend, all.




  1. Thanks for the link and good luck with your Not Hot Breakfast challenge. I hope you use up all your cereal this month, lol!

  2. I don't know if we will ever eat all of it! Why can I not leave free cereal at the store? I should donate a bunch of it to the food pantry soon. I mean, really, how many boxes of Corn Flakes does one family of 5 need in a year?