22 February 2009

Super Saver Saturday: 100th Post Edition

Hooray 100th blog post! Not-so-hooray shopping this week. I didn't even look at the Meijer ad until last (Friday) night. I didn't cut last week's coupons until then either. School has been weird, and I spent a lot of time writing a 16 page midterm exam last week instead of worrying about grocery shopping (or doing anything else). That is one of my favorite parts of having a huge stockpile of food and household goods. If I don't make it to the store, we will not starve. It allows me to put my attention on my family, on school work, on my job, or whatever else distracts me from deal finding at the moment. There will be more sales, I always tell myself, even though it is impossible to believe at the moment. Today, we happened to go out in a blizzard to get car parts ... a long and painful (for the frugal and/or broke-ish) story, so I decided to make it worthwhile by swinging into Meijer for some last minute deals. Literally last minute, since my receipt says I checked out at 1115pm. Yikes.

6 Fancy Feast Medley cat food: .75c/ea on sale - $1/6 coupon = .58c/ea
8 Friskies Indoor Select cat food: .75c/ea on sale - BOGO coupons = .38c/ea
6 Ortega taco seasoning: price dropped to .57c/ea - .75c/2 coupons = .20c/ea
1 Fryin' Magic: price dropped to $1.69 - .75c peelie on box = .94c
10 Dannon yogurt: .40c/ea on sale - $1/10 coupon = .30c/ea
2 Jimmy Dean's breakfast entrees: $2/ea on sale - $1/1 coupons = $1/ea
1 Popcorn Seasoning Shaker: clearanced to $1.44

and in the 10/10 (11th FREE!) ...
6 Knorr noodle sides - .75c/2 coupons = .53c/ea
3 Chef Boyardee spaghetti - .35c/3 coupon = .78c/ea
1 Meijer zip top bag
12 Bumblebee tuna lunch kits


Ok, not my best showing. Mostly, my little brother loves those Bumblebee lunch kits. So much that I usually put them in his stocking at the holidays. He got a new job last week, and I'm so darn proud of him that I splurged on a case of them (small box, only 12 of those buggers in there) since they were on the 10/10 (11th FREE!). Now he can throw them in his lunch and think of how much he loves his rad sister. Riiiiiiiight.



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