06 July 2009

Menu Plan Monday: 6-12 July

6-12 July 2009

M: Hot dogs (like anyone in the world really needs more of these after last week ...) , fancy mac & cheese, steamed broccoli

T: Oven baked ham steaks, au gratin potatoes, veggies

W: Whole wheat pasta with sausage and kale, garlic bread

R: Light chili, dinner salads, rolls

F: Stir-fry pork and veggies with rice

S: Survivor Night -- find something, or starve

U: Undecided ... depends on how our weekend plans pan out.

I've also planned breakfasts and lunches this week so we have no excuses not to eat them.

Cereal with Silk x2
Oatmeal with dried apples
PBJs and fruit x2
Eggs with toast
Sausage scrambles

Weekend leftovers
Hummus and pita with veggies
Soup and grilled cheese
Pasta leftovers from Wednesday
PBJs with fruit
Chili leftovers from Thursday

Anything rockin' on your menu this week? For more ideas, check out the Org. Junkie.

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