24 July 2009

7 Quick Takes: Vol 11

We have a house guest (again). I am trying to walk the fine line between being hospitable and enabling. This little voice tells me I should give without asking, always. Its friend reality is bogged down by one too many late nights watching Law & Order, skeptical of everyone's intentions, not ready to trust blindly. I'm vacillating (internally, of course, I'm not a total jerk) between being a gracious host and being irritated about schedule and routine interruption now that we finally seem to have made something work. Argh, human emotions! Why can't you be simpler? More graceful? Less selfish? I'm trying, I swear.

I should change my name to Mendel, because somehow I have managed not one, but two different hybrid sweet pepper species. It would seem my little lovelies have been cross-polinating themselves (well, I'm sure the bees have something to do with it ...) like mad. We have yellow banana peppers, sweet green bell peppers, and now tiny yellow bell peppers and giant long green banana peppers. Ei yi yi. It's pure prolific pepper craziness out there.

I am at the end of my first full week (there was also half a week before that, but then I skipped some ... ) of green smoothie drinking. Are you a fan? Have you jumped on the liquefied greens bandwagon? I'm not cool enough to be drinking just blended greens, but the addition of fruit is helping immensely (and the more I read online, the more I realize I am unintentionally ahead of the game as far as the greens outweighing the fruit goes). The first few mornings it was all I could do to talk my brain into letting that glass of slime anywhere near my mouth, but once I got past the, "Oh no! I'm about to drink a glass full of liquidy green stuff and that cannot possibly taste at all better than say ... pool algae or pond scum", I've been doing just fine. I'm starting to love them, honestly. Liquified spinach: A Great Way To Start The Day.

I have an appointment with the dentist in an hour. I am far less than thrilled, knowing the cavity fairy has been here and I'm going to need fillings. Most people don't enjoy the drill or the potential for pain, but really I cannot stand the numb mouth feeling. I hate that big fat lip, cheek biting, drooling all over yourself craziness. Hate it. My anticipation anxiety is not liking it either. I'm also not a fan of that much unproductive time. Do you think I can get away with catching up on podcasts and reading email on my Blackberry while I get my teeth drilled?

I have a birthday coming up (in 20 short, short days), and I am not coping well with it. Although I appreciate whomever suggested we 'age gracefully', I am much more inclined to tantrum my way begrudgingly instead. I do not like this birthday so much right now. The fact that I'm (for real) not eating gluten (again) kills the only anticipatory happiness there was ... about cake. If there weren't people coming over to celebrate, I may just lock myself in my room until the next week.

There used to be something here ... honestly ... and now it's gone *poof*, bye bye. Blogger ate my 6th Quick Take, and my tired brain cannot remember what in the world it was in the first place. Booooo.

I saw some really rockin' things happen at church last week. I want to write about them, but I'm still trying to figure out which venue is the right one. Oh, self, one day you will write freely and with joy regardless of content or location ... one day.



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  1. I am impressed with lots of things here. a)you agreeing to a house guest in the first place and putting yourself out there is wonderful. Good for you, even if it's getting frustrating. b)cross pollinated peppers?! Amazing! c)Those green smoothies just do. not. look good to me. But I guess that's not the point, eh? Good job on making it work for you.

  2. Hospitality is hard. The last 2 weeks with company made me stop blogging altogether!

    Glad to find your blog. I love its premise.

  3. @This Heavenly Life ...
    Thanks for stopping by!
    a: The house guest ... *sigh* ... thanks for being impressed. :)
    b: The peppers are c.r.a.z.y. looking, still.
    c: I know they look gross. It took a lot of self-pep talk to get the first one down. They look disgusting, every time, I promise. The thing is, though, they don't taste bad. I'm a terribly picky eater, and I wouldn't lie to you. The one I'm drinking right this second tastes like iced strawberries and nothing else. All I put in the blender was 2 handfuls of spinach, a handful of tiny overripe berries, a splash of water, and 4 ice cubes. I had to think about doing it for a long while before I actually conjured the gusto to go for it. <3

    @Meredith ...
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I have been a Like Merchant Ships reader for years (though I don't comment there often ... ). I'm honored that you happened over to my little corner of the blogosphere.

    Hospitality is hard for sure. I wouldn't ever share my irritation or frustration with my guests themselves (I still feel a little bad that I let the thoughts out of my head and onto the keyboard, honestly), but some days ... I know you know what I mean. Just keep smiling, just keep smiling ... <3

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