14 July 2009

Gratituesday: It's Great-iTuesday!

I have a friend (ok, I have more than one ... probably). We've been friends a handful of years, having met in college. We both dig on vegan food, sustainability, hugging trees, and Ani DiFranco. We live in different cities, but he's spending the summer in our hometown so we've had many more interactions over the past few weeks than in the months before them. I'm absolutely loving it.

See? Don't we look like we're having fun?
(Also, first picture of me on the bloggy. Hello! Hahaha.

In recent weeks I have been reminded just how absolutely grateful I am for this friend of mine. He listens to my craziness at a table in the sunshine over 4 or 5 too many large coffees. He lets me ramble and work things out with words. He brings me vegan chocolate chip cookies for no reason other than they're tasty. He has been a most perfect resource for the journey I'm on these days, and has been perfectly skilled at keeping his mouth shut about it ... even if it's weird and super-agent-like and makes no rational sense at all. My friend just smiles with knowing eyes and let's me call the shots about what is or isn't yet public knowledge. He accepts my chaotic, list making, contradiction loving (living?) self completely. He's a rockin' guy who loves G-d, people, great music, the planet, bicycles, and Oberon. He remains a constant reminder to me of the way people should be treated, and the world that could be if we all were just a little nicer to each other.

Just yesterday, while waiting in the line to exit the parking lot at church, this friend and I were discussing Gratituesday posts. He suggested this week it should be "Great-ituesday" because ... well, the world is simply that cool. And so, for him, for the impact he has on me, for the doors he's opened in front of my highly skeptical eyes, for loving and laughing and the occasional tray of fabulous tacos ... I am grateful (or GREAT-FULL ... for him).



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