02 July 2009

Dirt Cheap: Garden Befores and Afters

Oh, how the rain and unbearable heat have done my little green friends well. For your viewing pleasure, gratuitous garden pictures for your enjoyment. I got a little *ahem* picture happy while we were on break from weeding.

The baby cucumber in a pot, 1 June.

That same cucumber, 28 June.

The strawberry plants, with its cute little half-eaten berry (darn birds!), 1 June.

The strawberry plants, 28 June.
There haven't been anymore berries. I don't know what exactly to think about that ... a strawberry plant that looks healthy and full, and yet, makes no fruit. Am I just impatient? Maybe.

The herb garden, 1 June.
(basil, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, parsley, sage, thyme, mint, oregano, and hore hound)

The herb garden, 28 June.
It was the part of the day when that side of the house is shaded, so forgive the less than stellar lighting.

Lonely baby snow peas, radishes, and carrots just pushing through, 1 June.

Those same babies, now giants.
The row closest to you is green beans, the next one is peas, after there are carrots and parsnips, then bushy radishes, and onions in the far corner.

The garden view in the other direction, peppers and tomatoes on 28 June.

Bell peppers, blossoming.

Banana peppers, coming on strong.

A nest of green cherry tomatoes.
If these things actually turn red, we'll be swimming in them. I hear the dehydrator calling my name already.

That was fun. I loooooove garden pictures just about as much as I love gardening. Are you growing anything? Take pictures! Blog them! Comment me with the links! I'd love to check them out (and possibly start using fewer exclamation points ... ).



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