23 June 2008


I love budgeting. I will not lie to you. I am entirely nerdy and I dig on putting all the numbers in the right spots. I've tried about 103 different ways to do a budget, track a budget, evaluate the effeciency of a budget. My favorite pick so far, the tried and true one that always gets me through is the Zero Based method where all your pluses equal out to your minuses by the end of the month. I like to have all of that figured out long before the month begins so I never have to worry about "losing" money (ie spending it somewhere I shouldn't) again.

Tonight I stumbled on a great primer on Zero Based budgeting at Simple Mom (via Paid Twice's Sunday Link Love). You can check out her post here ...



While I was there, I noticed she's doing a rockin' giveaway. It ends Wednesday the 25th, so get on over there and check out what she has in the works. Her other content, from what I've seen so far, is also pretty rock star. Yay for frugal (and practical) personal finance bloggers! Yay Yay Yay! Check out her giveaway post here ...



Frugal Dad posted an awesome list of tips to survive the down trodden (recessive?) economy that we're living in. I think they're pretty solid ideas for any economy, so that we can be good stewards of our resources. You can check out his post here ...



My Dollar Plan wrote an interesting piece on irregular paychecks. As a small business girl, I'm still struggling with this one on a regular basis. Trying to build a business and keep the lights on is an interesting battle in these financial times we currently live in. I'll take a few points from this piece for sure on making the lean times a little less close to the bone. You can read it for yourself here ...


And! (finally)

Jane4girls posted a nice pictorial on the utilization of rain barrels. We use a system much simpler (and less effective) than this one currently. I love rain catchment for two reasons ... it's good for the planet ... and it's basically free! (Em loves FREE things, always) If you're looking for some great step by steps on creating your own system, check out her post here ...


And! (haha, you thought there wouldn't be any more exclamation points ...)

That's all the link love I have for today, dolls. There are other great posts out this week as well, I just haven't found them in my Reader yet. I'm behind, I think. Have a great start to the week and enjoy the reading.



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