11 June 2008

Frugal Melancholy

Very soon, our monthly income will be going from just over $1500 (*gasp*, I know!) to something closer to $450 a month. It will stay that way until one of the following happens ...

1. Someone settles with someone else and someone finally gets paid again (note the intentional vaguity ... haha). The time frame on which is 14+ months from now.

2. My job decides to start paying me something closer to real money.

3. I add an additional or different job. This will happen in late August when I start coaching again, but that only bumps us up to something approximating $650 a month. Boo.

4. We add another roommate who will chip in toward bills. There's only one person I'm ok with this roommate being, and she can't move here until fall, if she decides officially to move here at all.

5. We win the lotto, which we don't play.

Now, the frugal challenge begins, I suppose. I thought we did mighty well on less than $1550 a month, but it's time to tighten the purse strings even more and start cutting things at record speed.

Any suggestions, my frugal friends?




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  2. :), minus the crappy no money part.