19 June 2008


I don't often cross post links from my Reader (or where ever I stumble upon them), but sometimes they're of incredible import.

First, check out this post by Jennifer at Personal Finance Advice.

I think it's a pretty crucial read, especially the distinction she makes between the *real* frugality of previous generations and the "frugality" we pretend to qualify for simply by cutting a couple dollars off our convenience food budget. Kudos!

Second, go check out Meredith's posts at Like Merchant Ships.

She is a gem for sure. Simply living, making things beautiful, enjoying little pleasures. I adore her blog. And! Today she's blogging about pecans. I don't necessarily adore them, but I have a craving for baklava. Pecans might just do it.

Go check them both out if you haven't already. They're bloggy rockstars for sure.



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