06 July 2008

Top 'o the Month!

Ok, it's the 5th ... but there was a holiday and work and school and I got all discombobulated. Alas, bring on the numbers!

EFund ... $909.26, but it's a little misleading. We're supplementing from the EFund as needed because someone isn't getting a paycheck anymore from the big, bad, evil employer. I think we're doing relatively well since I make jack squat per hour in comparison.

Dream Savings ... $460.64. This is in limbo as well since we'll use it to cover the EFund if it gets dramatically low in the upcoming months. I will be sad about it, but if there are no other options, we'll do what we must.

Jeep ... $1410 and some misc. change to clear the loan at the end of the period. That's SIX more payments. Holy YAY, Batman!

GP ... $5833.38.

C1 ... $430.69.

AV ... $397.95 ... check out that progress. Yes! This is the current top of the snowball list debt, so hopefully it will be gone forever in the near future. We're trying to be careful between conserving cash in case of emergency since we're down to one paultry income and still working the plan to be debt free ASAP. I find myself doing littler bits. I won't drop a $100, but I will drop $20 here and then $20 there and end up in the same place. It's just more comfortable knowing I could change mid-course if need be.

VSA ... $0.00!! DONE! Yay!

It would seem we're down $1548 and change since the last TOTM post (in May). How, I have no idea, but I'm loving it regardless.



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