06 August 2009

7 Quick Takes: Vol 12

My life is a series of quick takes right now. Blips, blurbs, small explanations all strung together in some make believe semblance of order and reason. I feel bad about that in the context of this blog sometimes. I let myself feel guilty for not being a super badass blogger, posting new content every couple of hours. Then I remember that it's me and 17.3 people reading it anyway, sooooooo I can probably let myself off the hook sometimes. Yea. Sometimes.

My fabulous neighbors (they're in #4) are back ... kind of. They've successfully broken into the house ... 3 times, I think. The bank secures it, they kick a door in. It's tres bizarre, and slightly scandalous. Their nephew/roommate is also randomly showing up on my doorstep offering to "sell me" "rolled change". I should probably be nicer ... or more hospitable ... or something. I'm not.

Vanessa Carlton and I are friends. We don't chat on the phone or share birth announcements or anything, but she's on my iTunes constantly today so ... well, you know, we might as well be friends.

The entire neighborhood currently smells like the burning garbage of a chemical disposal facility. The aforementioned "nephew/roommate" is to blame. He moved into another house around the block and is now polluting the entire town (village? township? state?) with noxious black smoke. From what, I haven't a clue. This tree hugging, everything recycling, non-paper towel/plate using girlie would likely have a stroke if she knew.

I'm almost 3 weeks gluten free, with the exception of one night when I had this awful idea that I could eat pizza just.this.once. and get away with it. Yea, not so much. Lesson: learned. I'm vacillating between loving every minute of it and being convinced there isn't a single thing in the entire world for me to eat except corn quesadillas and carrots. I will get over it, I hope. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow ... and Costco ... and probably Gordon's ... and to the gas station for ice. All in enough time to finish cleaning my house (the plans for which get shorter and shorter ... just close the office door? Suuuuuuuure.), change my clothes, and get ready for ...

MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! It's tomorrow. If you're in town, stop by. There will be cake, which I can't eat. Joy. There will be beer, which I can't drink. Double Joy. There will be trampolining and bonfires, which I may not have the energy for without the other two. Oooooh boy! A number of my college friends (past and present), family, and assorted insundry others are coming by. That part I'm pretty stoked about. I don't really like this birthday all that much, but I'm hoping to cope with it ... with a little help from my friends.

What's going on for you this week?



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